The PES Team

ROY GREEN:Former NFL All Pro Receiver and longtime friend of MGM.  Roy is currently being treated with an oral appliance for sleep apnea and will be happy to tell anyone who is pondering treatment that they do not realize how their life can change when they undergo treatment.  Roy is heavily involved in the Pro Player Health Alliance which helps current and former NFL stars get screened and tested for their health with an emphasis on sleep treatment. 

GERALD WEISFOGEL: Medical Director.  Dr. Gerald Weisfogel is the founding partner of Central Jersey Cardiovascular Associates.  He received his MD degree from Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY and continued his training at the US Public Health Service Hospital in Staten Island, NY where he became Board Certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Weisfogel completed three fellowships in cardiology, including general cardiology, electrophysiology, and advanced research in cardiac catheterization. He is board certified in cardiology by the American Board of Internal Medicine, as well as board certified by the same board in Nuclear Cardiology.  Dr. Weisfogel was the founder and medical director of Diagnostic Vascular Imaging Associates, the only free-standing outpatient cardiac catheterization laboratory in the Northeast, where he pioneered the use of digital catheterization and the use of small catheters for cardiac catheterizations.  Dr. Weisfogel is also the first cardiologist in the country to become board certified in sleep medicine, having received certification from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and from the American Board of Internal Medicine subspecialty of sleep medicine. Dr. Weisfogel is the author or co-author of numerous articles in peer reviewed journals and has lectured across the country at major institutions and conferences about the importance of treating sleep disorders in patients with cardiac conditions. Dr. Weisfogel is the former chief of cardiology at JFK hospital in Edison, NJ and is currently an active member of the cardiology staff at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.  Dr. Weisfogel lectures nationally on, how Sleep Disorders affect people’s daily lives, and how treatment of Sleep disorders can extend your life expectancy by up to 15 years.  Dr. Weisfogel has overseen national programs in Sleep, Cardiovascular disease, Allergy testing, and weight loss all of which lead to healthier more productive employees.

CLIFF MOLIN: Dr. Molin has been a practicing internist in the Cleveland, Ohio area for the past 14 years. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and completed his residency training at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland.  Dr. Molin believes that it is through the physician-patient partnership that excellent health care is achieved. He brings to this partnership the skills of an experienced physician in both an outpatient and hospital setting. Experience and availability to manage the broad spectrum of medical problems defines Dr. Molin’s abilities and reputation.  Listening to the patient and ensuring that the medical care chosen is a joint partnership decision between the patient and the physician is a cornerstone of his patient care philosophy.  Dr Molin is one of the only Internists in Nevada to become board certified in sleep and will be doing most of the interpretations of the Home Sleep Studies.  Dr. Molin believes that patient participation in their choice of treatment is essential to a successful outcome.  Dr Molin is also a believer in treating Allergies as a way to resolve symptoms that remain after treatment.  This unique approach has him among the leaders in the field. 

JASON HSIEH: Las Vegas Dentists who has been trained by the best dentists in the world of dental sleep.  He has successfully treated many patients with sleep disorders.  His local ties and his expertise make him the perfect person to deliver expert treatment to the MGM employee base.  Jason has been mentored by Dr Kent Smith and Dr Barry Glasman two leaders in the field of Dental Sleep combined with Allergy treatment to resolve 90% of the treated cases.

SHEILA WALSH RPSGT:  Sheila has over 30 years of experience in running sleep and allergy testing program.  She has set up programs from the east coast to the west coast.  She has is responsible for the building and accreditation of over 100 Sleep labs and physician offices across the United States.  She is currently working for different sleep labs and home sleep testing programs from in New Jersey, New York, Georgia and Florida.  Sheila will be on the ground in Vegas running the process,  as she excels at taking an employee from the screening stage through the treatment phase all the way through follow up.  Sheila has trained Hundreds of employees to become both sleep techs and allergy  testers for people, who were looking for a change in career  her knowledge of sleep and the sleep process is second to none. Sheila is also heavily involved in bringing Ancillary revenue to physician offices such as Allergy testing, Autonomic Nervous System testing and Annual Wellness program all of which can be brought to MGM at a future time.